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My name is David Dolinsky and I authored the original Steadfast Response COOP tabletop exercise plan template.  I created the complete tabletop exercise kit when I was home after the birth of my daughter in 2004.  Since then, the exercise has been attended by thousands of Federal, State, and local players in more than 30 cities.

The new Pandemic Flu version contains a totally re-imagined scenario.  It is the only exercise of its kind for general business or government operations.

I made these kits and am providing them to assist public and private organizations as they prepare for any hazard that may potentially disrupt business or operations. 

The user agrees not to charge for or profit from the use of these materials and to credit the author / copyright holder.  There is absolutely no charge for the use of these kits and the user agrees to accept all liability resulting from their use.

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Steadfast Response II
Pandemic Influenza

The only COOP tabletop exercise kit with a Pandemic scenario for general  operations.

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Steadfast Response

The original COOP tabletop exercise kit.  Used in more than 30 cities.  Mentioned in Congressional testimony as the template for COOP tabletop exercises. Now enhanced.
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Continuity of Operations

Download an article on COOP planning history and essential functions.

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